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I’m glad you’re interested in my first single for 2017, “Keep On!” To download, simply click the button below:


This single is particularly close to my heart because it really captures how I feel about my life and my ministry. I sing for God and for you so that we can all stay inspired to do God’s work on earth. #KeepOn is a theme that I would love to see become a strong movement in Christian communities all over the world.

Stay inspired and #KeepOn!



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I am not going to say you’re an amazing child, I am not even going to say you’re talented. All that I am going to say is that you restore hope in the human race with your passion grace and innocence. You are more mature than the majority of any adults I know, and have more love in your little finger than majority of them as well. You my brother are a true kindred spirit.

Tony Wilson