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Christopher is a 14 year old blind and autistic singer and multi-instrumentalist. Born prematurely, Christopher weighed only 1 lb 12 oz at birth and was rendered blind due to Retinopathy of Prematurity.

His goal is to share God's vision through his inspirational singing.


  • Christopher Duffley
  • Christopher Duffley performing with Matt Maher and Paul Colman
  • Ave Maria
  • Christopher Duffley sings Open the Eyes of My Heart in NH


Picture from the Blarney Breakfast in March
Practicing for the NHNow Sept 22 @ UNH

Latest News

  • ProfilePicWOCFeb2014

    Change Happens

    Getting older is just part of life.  Today I realized that, indeed, the little boy is just about gone.  He has grown into a true TWEEN.  Thirteen years old will arrive on May 19, 2014 and I do not want to acknowledge this change, nor see the visible changes of his first pimple or sweaty […]

  • Christopher Duffley's 12th Birthday

    What If We Stopped Asking “What If?”

    When Christopher’s birthday arrived this past May 19th, I pondered awhile about the “what-ifs.” What if he had not been born? What if he died? What if he could see? What if my brother had cleaned up his act? What if………? I guess that is a natural thing to do when thinking about the tidal […]

  • Christopher's 9th Anniversary of his adoption into the Duffley family.jpg

    Sharing Christopher’s Story

    It’s hard to believe it has been over 10 years since Christopher entered into our lives.  At the time of his birth, I had four of my own children ages 8 months to 8 years.  I can honestly say, it all started with a prayer and then a tug at my heart. Before Christopher’s homecoming, […]